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Jessamyn’s 2018

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Jessamyn West
3 min readMay 11, 2018


I realized that I have a hard time sometimes remembering what I have been up to. People ask and I am like “…” This is a list to help me remember and a place to tuck links if I need them.








  • On-boarding begins for GitHub stuff. It’s ridiculous.
  • 4th of July with Gabriel Clan.
  • I start work at GitHub.
  • I stop working at GitHub.


  • First meeting with VHC
  • I start contracting at Glitch
  • I eat a peafowl egg
  • start work on 50 by 50 project
  • finish work on 50 x 50


  • PawSox with Deb and Kate and Jim and Matt
  • Hit in face with disc golf disc
  • Birthday mini-golf and Bittersweet Farm dinner & cake
  • Birthday bowling
  • VHC orientation
  • VHC meeting
  • Pick up some IA work
  • Two more privacy talks


  • Talk to Jesse Ventura about the digital divide
  • Anxiety meds stuff
  • Sharyn visit
  • Ola party
  • Trial for Drive-In Stuff
  • 251 Club Banquet



  • Jimsmas
  • Quickie Hannukah
  • DC trip and Bush hearse sighting
  • VHC Inclusion/Access committee pitch (successful!)
  • Ronni in Windover
  • Bird count and RCC bird walk
  • Pick up some library shifts
  • Xmas in Westport
  • Boxing Day with Gabriels
  • Sophi/Kristen and Leo/David/Natalie
  • New Years Eve at home with toxic sparklers

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